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About us

We manufacture reliable spare parts for your motorcycle

We created CARAPAKS based on our own experience – we know very well how demanding the Enduro and Hard Enduro sport is. On numerous occasions we’ve had to deal with difficult situations and equipment damage that made it impossible to get to the finish line during competitions.

We decided to launch products that we’d like to use ourselves, ones that would allow us to fully make use of the potential of our machines without worrying about damaging them.

Our products are created for both amateurs and professionals. We believe that anyone involved in this sport should have access to high-quality, durable protective parts to ensure the long life and reliability of their motorcycle.

If you think alike, join us and become an official Carapaks dealer!

Our products

What parts do we offer?

We are a manufacturer and dealer of the highest quality parts that will protect your motorcycle. If you’d like to sell our products in your store, below you’ll find information that may interest you.

Foot pegs Aluminum and Stainless Steel

We manufacture unique stainless steel foot pegs in various configurations that can be customized in order to suit the rider, their riding style or even the type of track.

Brake Disc Guards Front and Rear

An absolutely essential protective part for each rider. With our guards, even the most difficult terrain is no longer a threat.

Radiator guards

The radiator is such a delicate and important part of a motorcycle, that we thought that it’s crucial to take care of it and we created properly fitted radiator guards.

Bash plates

A bash plate is the part that every rider who loves off-road should take care of. With our plates, stones, branches and roots are no longer a threat.

Funnelweb Air filters

We opted for ProLine filters from FunnelWeb. Thanks to its design, they allow you to effectively filter oil and protect the engine from dirt, dust and stones.

Spare parts

We also offer spare parts for our products, including: fans, linkage guards, clamps, bolts, nuts and even sticker kits with Carapaks logo.

What makes us stand out?

Why Carapaks?

There are many brands, manufacturers and products available in the market of protective parts for motorcycles. What makes our products worth having in your store?

The best protection

We are well aware which components require special protection.


We’re constantly improving our skills and our products.

We know our stuff

We actively participate in Enduro and Hard Enduro competitions

Top quality

We use the products we design and manufacture at competitions.



What’s in it for you?

Being one of Carapaks dealers, you’ll get a number of benefits and new opportunities. Check out what you can gain while working with us!

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For large orders, we can personalize the design of a given part.

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Riders’ reviews

Why do Carapaks customers value our products?

We create all of our products for Enduro and Hard Enduro enthusiasts and competitors. But let’s not forget about amateurs, who will also benefit from buying our parts. We design and manufacture our products based on years of our own experience, but also that of our customers. Their feedback helps us to constantly develop our products and adapt them to their needs. That’s why we really appreciate that you share your opinions and experiences with us!
Foot pegs are very stable, they give me a very good feeling on my bike. I ride the tracks I want without slipping. They also have a very long life, due to their sensational quality. It’s very cool that it’s possible to order foot pegs lowered, moved to the back or in any other way you want. I am happy to ride with CARAPAKS!

Maximilian Spies

Rider @schmicker_racing Photo: @vaiosteve
Tested CARAPAKS foot pegs model -5 mm down / -10 mmm back in the worst conditions of this year’s Italian Hard Enduro Championship and I can approve the excellence of this product. The hardness and increased boots’ grip gives greater confidence on extreme hills and high-speed tracks. The down and back offset helps the rider to balance their motorcycle. I highly recommend them!

Nino Bellomo

Hard Enduro Rider

CARAPAKS is the real deal. Most indestructible skid plate with pipe guard on the market! It brings a lot of peace of mind knowing you have that level of protection.

David Crouse

Hard Enduro Rider

I have used Carapaks foot pegs many times and can strongly recommend them to all Hard Enduro enthusiasts. Thanks to them, I don’t have to worry about losing my grip and I can overcome difficult climbs more easily.
Adam Tomiczek
Enduro Rider

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