FWF Foam

Air Filter Oil 1L

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FWF Foam Filter Oil has a special RED colour and is a easy penetrating foam air filter oil.

The Red colored easy penetrating performance air foam filter oil that vaporizes quickly and becomes very sticky for superior protection and optimal air flow. Unlike other oils it won’t drain out of the filter.

How to apply: start with a clean, dry foam filter, put the desired amount of Filter Oil on the filter. Work the oil through the entire filter, squeezing out any excess oil. Do not twist or wring out the filter. Check if the filter is even and fully covered. Allow and let the Filter Oil work in for 30 minutes before riding.


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1 Liter

Appropriate design

Optimum air flow

Funnelweb filters are characterized by a special design and shape that aim to maximize the filtering surface. The increased surface area allows for better filtering speed and efficiency.

Take care of your engine

Increased engine protection

The use of Funnelweb filters ensures adequate protection of the engine by filtering out dust, sand and mud. As a result, particles do not get into the engine and cause serious damage.

Simple to operate

Easy to clean and replace

The special design of the Funnelweb filters allows them to retain their shape and properties even after repeated washing and use, even in difficult field conditions. Thanks to the products available in our store, you can clean and oil the filter before using it.

Riders’ opinions

What do customers value Carapaks products for?

Our products were created for people who actively participate in Enduro and Hard Enduro competitions. However, hobbyist riders will also find the right parts for their equipment in the CARAPAKS offer!
Foot pegs are very stable, they give me a very good feeling on my bike. I ride the tracks I want without slipping. They also have a very long life, due to their sensational quality. It’s very cool that it’s possible to order foot pegs lowered, moved to the back or in any other way you want. I am happy to ride with CARAPAKS!

Maximilian Spies

Rider @schmicker_racing Photo: @vaiosteve
Tested CARAPAKS foot pegs model -5 mm down / -10 mmm back in the worst conditions of this year’s Italian Hard Enduro Championship and I can approve the excellence of this product. The hardness and increased boots’ grip gives greater confidence on extreme hills and high-speed tracks. The down and back offset helps the rider to balance their motorcycle. I highly recommend them!

Nino Bellomo

Hard Enduro Rider

CARAPAKS is the real deal. Most indestructible skid plate with pipe guard on the market! It brings a lot of peace of mind knowing you have that level of protection.

David Crouse

Hard Enduro Rider

I have used Carapaks foot pegs many times and can strongly recommend them to all Hard Enduro enthusiasts. Thanks to them, I don’t have to worry about losing my grip and I can overcome difficult climbs more easily.
Adam Tomiczek
Enduro Rider